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Does the retailer have to make good on his verbal promise?

The consumer complained to the retailer that his engineered wood flooring needed to be replaced due to noise. The retailer and a rep from the installation company visited the home to inspect the floor, and when walked on, the floor made snap, crackle and pop noises.

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Engineered Flooring: Acclimate or Not?

Some engineered flooring manufacturers recommend acclimation, while others do not. With some products, you may have problems engaging the tongue and groove if it is acclimated to a higher moisture content.

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Engineered Enigmas

Engineered flooring has come a long way since it was first introduced to the market nearly  70 years ago. As these products continue to gain popularity, a  multitude of style and con­struction options are available.

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Exotic Wood Behavior

Since the introduction of Exotic hardwood into the United States, very little was known about the quirky behavior of this beautiful yet temperamental wood.

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The Correct Ways for Cleaning and Maintaining Laminate Floors

By Ron Starkey, NALFA Certified Installer/Inspector

Laminate Flooring’s stain and moisture-resistant surface coating makes spills and other messes easy to handle. Learning the proper way to clean and maintain laminate flooring is key to the longevity of this flooring element.

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Preventing RH problems in Wood

Wood flooring contractors, retailers and inspectors are all-too-familiar with issues associated with moisture and the shifts in relative humidity throughout the seasons that can wreak havoc on wood floors.

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Gaps Normal and Abnormal

Most normal gaps are caused by seasonal fluctuations in relative humidity; the floor expands with high humidity and contracts during periods of low humidity.

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Cupping-Problem Causes and Cures

Cupping (long edges curling upward across the width of each piece) is caused by a moisture imbalance through the thickness of the individual pieces, usually excess moisture on the underside of the flooring.

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Steam mops

The latest product on the market for cleaning Hardwood, Vinyl, and Tile Flooring are steam mops. Many manufacturers boast that steam cleaning is an economical and safe way to clean floors because it uses steam instead of harsh chemicals.

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