Meet the GilfordJohnson Flooring Leadership Team

Scott Shanks

Senior Vice President,
Finance & Administration

Scott is the Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration for Gilford•Johnson Flooring. In this role, Scott oversees the critical financial function for the company and has accountability for achieving our IT objectives. His efforts are instrumental in the development of the company’s strong balance sheet and financial discipline.

Rob Purkins

Senior Vice President,
GJ Sales

Rob is Gilford•Johnson’s Senior Vice President of GJ Sales.  He is responsible for the company’s sales efforts in the Midwest as well as product management for certain key vendor partners.  A veteran of the industry, Rob is truly passionate about flooring and has been a driving force behind the company’s industry-leading performance.

Nik Burdett

Senior Vice President,
Key Accounts

Nik is Senior Vice President of Key Accounts.  From his base in Atlanta, he is responsible for serving Gilford•Johnson’s customers throughout the Southeast and driving results from the company’s partnership with Tarkett and Johnsonite.  A seasoned executive, Nik leads a team that consistently delivers in the industry’s most competitive markets.

David Dobbs

Senior Vice President,
Supply Chain & Customer Support

David is Gilford•Johnson’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Customer Support. With ownership of the company’s vital behind-the-scenes functions, including Purchasing, Inventory Control, Sales Service, and Quality Assurance, David ensures that those business operations allow us to best serve our customers.

Christopher Nelson

Vice President,
Product Management

Jodie is Vice President of Product Management for Gilford•Johnson.  As such, he manages the company’s product portfolio, directly overseeing merchandising, inventory and pricing, as well as overall profit and loss.  Having excelled in both product management and sales roles throughout his career, Jodie’s expertise and product leadership are vital to Gilford•Johnson’s growth and success.

Christopher Nelson

Vice President,
Strategy, Marketing & Business Operations

Chris is the Vice President of Strategy, Marketing & Business Operations for Gilford•Johnson. Playing a major role in the company’s overall performance, he is responsible for developing the company’s people strategy and operations, directing its strategic planning, managing its communications to team members and customers, and overseeing the legal function.

Shahn Hall

Vice President,

Shahn is the Vice President of Operations for Gilford•Johnson.  His responsibilities center around ensuring all products are properly and efficiently delivered from Lake Michigan to Key West.  An experienced operations executive, Shahn leads a team dedicated to providing industry-leading service to our customers.