The GilfordJohnson Flooring Claims Process 

1)  Retailer completes a Notification of Complaint form online or by fax and submits to the Gilford•Johnson Claims Department for review.

2)  Retailer visits job site prior to filling out a Notification of Complaint and provides pictures or samples for the complaint.

3)  Gilford•Johnson Claims Department reviews each claim submitted and determines how much is involved.

4)  Gilford•Johnson Claims Department sends a troubleshooting guide to the retailer to review and determine if installation guidelines were followed.

5)  Depending on the circumstances, a follow-up phone call will be made to the retailer by Gilford•Johnson Claims Department to discuss the claim.

6)  If the claim is determined to be installation-related or related to any other reason besides manufacturing, the claim will be denied by Gilford•Johnson Claims Department.

7)  Should the retailer disagree with the denial, Gilford•Johnson Claims Department will recommend sending the claim to the manufacturer for review.

8)  Gilford•Johnson Field Sales Manager may get involved to gather more information on the claim.

9)  In some cases an Independent Inspector may be hired; however, any Inspection Report is binding and will be used in a court of law. Should the claim not be manufacturing-related the retailer will pay all costs of inspection.

Download Form

Notification of Complaint

Please complete the form online,
print it and submit to:

ATTN: Cathy McCracken
3001 Hamburg Pike
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Phone: 800.852.5454 ext. 1139

Fax: 812.288.0872

Or print your completed form as a pdf and email HERE.